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To be the preferred peoples SACCO in Kenya offering quality and diversified financial Products.


To empower our members through provision of customized and affordable financial solutions

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Once you are a member, you become part and parcel of APS; with equal rights and a voice in how we run our society democratically

Our Story

Our History

APS Baraka Sacco is organized by people who own small scale individual businesses but is also open to employees of various organizations.

APS Baraka Sacco was initially a Micro-Credit Revolving Fund Project under Association for Participation in Development (A.P.S) an Italian N.G.O. The fund was later transformed into the SACCO after the withdrawal of the donor in 2003.

The SACCO is managed by a Central Management Committee who we are elected by the delegates during the Annual Delegates Meeting.

What WE stand for

Our Core Values


At APS Baraka Sacco we uphold high standards of professionalism while creating a healthy balance between the competing needs of the Sacco and various stakeholders


Our decisions and actions are guided by our moral responsibility to do that which is right. This drives the way we engage with stakeholders.


Our financial solutions evolve based on industry trends and we are keen to adapt new channels of service delivery to add value to our members.

Member Satisfaction

APS Baraka Sacco exists for its member. At all times we uphold the supremacy of the member and seek to ensure we satisfy their need

Team Work

We believe that together we can achieve more. We work together to ensure that each member has an equal opportunity to achieve their personal objectives through the Sacco. At APS Baraka Sacco each member is important.

Types of Saving Products we Offer

Our Saving Products

Aps Baraka Sacco has a wide range of savings products tailored to meet various needs of a diversified membership with each member’s unique need being catered.

Normal Savings

This is mandatory savings for every member at a minimum of 2000 per month. This is used as multiplying factor during loan application These savings are also used in guaranteeing loans.

Shares or Equity Capital

Each registered member shall purchase at least Kshs 10,000 shares each. A member may transfer his shares to other members on leaving membership of the SACCO. Shares earn dividends paid at the end of a financial year in accordance with the dividend policy of the SACCO.

Pamoja Savings

APS Baraka Sacco offers group savings account. This is for Investment groups with no monthly charges, minimum deposits.

Christmas Savings

These are voluntary savings that are refundable by end of the year. They attract 10% interest on pro rata basis given one have saved at least 7000 by end of June. It is used in accessing Sherehekea loan.

Retirement Reserve Funds

These are voluntary retirement savings that are refundable when member exits from the SACCO. They encourage members to save for their future.

Toto Savings

.These are savings meant for children below 18 years. They are voluntary. They are used in accessing school fees loan.

Mobile Money


It’s a mobile loan accessible anytime through mobile phone.Is repayable in 1 monthAttracts an interest of 10% p.m.Maximum loan amount Kes 35,000/-

Its accessible on *645# or *483*1111#

Upto Ksh.35,000
1 Month Repayment Period.
10% Interest Rate Per Month.

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